Olive oil 101

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Contact us or come and visit us here at Can Solivera

Address and contact information:
Can Solivera
Cami Mas Teixidor 1
17111 Forallac (Spain)

Postal Adres:
Apartado 139
17100 LA BISBAL (Girona)

Tel: +34 972 63 40 96

Our Farm Store

In our farm store our products are favorably priced compared with what one would pay in a culinary gift shop in Barcelona, Amsterdam or Dublin. After all, there are no shipping costs, and we are happy to reward those who have taken the time and effort to visit us.

Opening Hours (2017/2018):


(May 15th until Oct 14th) :
Monday through Saturday from 10:00 until 14:00
Monday through Friday from  16:00 until 19:00

(Oct 15th until May 14th) :
Monday through Friday from 10:00 until 14:00

GPS coordinates:
N 41° 57.06353' E 003° 04.94394'

Attention GPS/SatNav users !
GPS devices do not play well with our address, and our postal code is also not reliable, so please use the coordinates provided.
Google Maps users should not have this issue.