Olive oil 101

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Promotional video from Turisme Empordà

This short film was made in Oktober of 2017, and commisioned by the tourist board of Empordà, in conjunction with other entities that wish to stimulate tourism in the Costa Brava. Can Solivera was selected out of a large number of tourism related businesses, due to our unique mix of export and tourist related activities.

The first person you see in the video, is Hans de Roos, he is the company director who, together with his wife Daida, planted the olive trees in 1996. Our company has been picking the fruits of their labour ever since!

You will also see two of our harvest associates, who join in every year just for the fun of it!

The Narrator of the video is our very own Eva Martinez, the company bookkeeper. Although she is Andalucian, she speaks native Catalan, as you can hear. But to make it easier for you we have added Englis subtitles..