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Olive oil at it's best

Olive Oil at its best,
from the heart of Baix Empordà

Our family business, Can Solivera, is dedicated to the artisanal production of excellent olive oil and olive-oil products at four different locations in Spain. All these revolve around the world-famous Catalonian olive variety known as Arbequina. We at Can Solivera produce all our olive oil with a craftsman's love and respect for nature and traditions. We will never compromise on quality.

Olive oil:
facts and figures

As one of the very best artisanal olive-oil producers in the world, we like to provide as much information as possible to our clients and olive oil enthusiasts. Please browse our site for more information on olive oil quality, refined olive oil, shelf life, frying and grilling, colour and clarity, health, allergen information and, of course, how to select a good olive oil.